Earth Bound Creations



News Paper Pencils

(A Pencil made from News Papers)


Earth Bound Creations (EBC) that proudly presented entirely environment friendly products to the local market for the first time in Sri Lanka, has become a pioneer among recycled paper based producers in the country. EBC taking further step forward in producing handmade items by introducing recycled newspaper products, is now a strong firm consisting of a staff of almost 40 members in it. Processing such a proud history, we take lots of pleasure to offering you our newest product under the trade name “EBC Pencils”.

In the process of producing a pencil, millions of trees that protect the mother earth are clear cut from the Earth’s surface. That which comes to you as a pencil is inevitably a part of such a precious tree.

But, the EBC Pencil is produced by ensuring the right to life of valuable trees, using totally recycled news papers and undoubtedly it will be a delightful message to all those who are in nature lovers.

Another specialty of an EBC Pencil is the fact that it can be produces in attractive shapes and exclusive surface quality, going beyond any ordinary pencil. 2mm High Quality lead used in producing EBC Pencils. We are eagerly dedicated to provide these products according to your needs, either as a means of promoting your own product or presenting them souvenirs.