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Other News Paper Products

(Various Products, made from News Papers)

All our products are made of newsprint. The color and the glue we use are of course natural products and food safe. The products may slightly vary in size, since each piece is handmade and unique.


Each of our dishes are available in three sizes, either round or square with rounded corners:

  • Small (Ø 14-16cm, height 5-6cm)
  • Means (Ø 18-21cm, height 7-8cm)
  • Gross (Ø 25-28cm, height 10-12cm)


Our coasters for plates and glasses are just as colorful as our bowls. They are not only pretty, but also very robust and heat resistant. The large and medium are available individually, the little ones in 6er Set. The diameter of coasters for plates and pots: 30cm and 20cm, 10cm for glasses and cups.

Picture Frames

The picture frames come in various color combinations and are also made from newsprint. External dimensions are 22x17cm, suitable for standard prints the size 10x15cm.

Baskets & Crates

Other Products