Programme Sponsor
-: Buy & Let the Helpless Live! :-

As a new approach to help the Tsunami affected and the internally displaced people of the society in Sri Lanka, we join hands with ZOA Refugee Care of Sri Lanka in providing sustainable livelihood by engaging the services of affected people in our production base thus opening avenues to the down trodden for sustainable livelihood which is the need of the hour by all means.

We seek your benevolence through liberal purchases from a varied range of Recycled and Waste Paper products made by the affected and helpless people of our society as a humanitarian gesture.
Competitive Edge

Products made out of recycled paper has created a rather steady demand internationally due to itís ecofriendliness and biodegradability that is catching up fast in the west as well as in the east since the prime concern among all nationals globally, is the grave concern over environmental pollution which has become the main theme in every international forum. In addition, the variance from one type to the other has an added attraction among buyers to opt for the full range in contrast to other products. These products are eye catchers of customers, more instantly due to the high artistic value, color combination and conceptual designing that gives an added advantage to these products.