Programme Sponsor

We intend organizing the first stage of our training at the Ampara district, for 25 participants selected by your organization from 25 families to extend this facility for a wider spectrum of families. The range of products is Greeting Cards, Note Books, Containers and other Fancy Items. Duration of training is 5 days.

The second stage will cover various newspaper products, also in the Ampara district for 15 selected participants from 15 families and the duration is 3 days.


EBC undertakes to provide livelihood opportunities by engaging the services of the services of ZOA beneficiaries trained by EBC by sub-contracting their orders for processing by ZOA beneficiaries on piece basis. A methodology to be worked out on a mutually agreeable terms.

ZOA to extend assistance to EBC by using their good office to find market outlets, assistance to liaison with state institutions, trade chambers and the private sector to create a product awareness and promotion of same at national and international levels without any binding but on mutual understanding.

If all future endeavors and expectations result in the desired success, EBC intend venturing into, establishing a recycled paper manufacturing plant which could be operated with locally assembled machinery to cater to the requirements of the paper product industry in the entire Eastern Province, as phase two development.